The Breakdown of 'Twins', 'The Firm', 'The Devil All the Time' and 'The Sleepover'

It is another big week of The Movie Breakdown as we have four movie reviews for you with some of the pictures considered beloved classics. We discuss the buddy comedy that showed Arnold Schwarzenegger can do the funny and teams up with the always great Danny DeVito in Twins. Thrillers based on John Grisham novels were huge in the 1990s, so we look at one of the big ones in the Tom Cruise starring The Firm. We also have a star-powers period piece dramatic thriller in the Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson starring The Devil All the Time. We also have a zany kids go on an adventure movie in The Sleepover. Plus, we revisit I'm Thinking of Ending Things and look at the things we can learn from the movie and what other studios or filmmakers should follow.

As always, we had an absolute blast recording this show for you. We really hope you love it and if you do, please spread the word about us on social media, so other movie fans can find us.

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The Movies' Four-Star Rating
The Sleepover **½ (CS) & ** (SM)
The Devil All the Time ** (CS & SM) 
Twins *** (CS & SM) 
The Firm **½ (CS) & ***½ (SM)