The Breakdown of the Worst of 2020

2020 was an odd year for movies. The big studios kept pushing all their stuff off the schedule for another year. It feels like there was a lot less movies, yet stuff quietly kept being released each week through streaming or VOD. It is the least movies I've seen in theatres since I started professionally reviewing movies in 2012. It is also the least amount of new release movie that I've seen as a movie critic. But that doesn't mean that there haven't been some great movies worth checking out, but that isn't what we are doing this week. In a year that some say has been churning out the horrible in life, it also had a lot of really bad movies. This week, we're going to pan some horrible movies one last time as we rip them apart for wasting over 90 minutes of our lives. This is one of our most popular annual shows of the year, as we take some joy ripping apart some joyless movies.

We had a blast recording this week's show and we really hope you love it too. If you do, then please help us out by spreading the word to other movie fans.

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Christopher's Top Ten Worst Movies:

10. Artemis Fowl
9. Dolittle
8. The Last Thing He Wanted
7. Fantasy Island
6. The Wrong Missy
5. A Fall From Grace
4. Force of Nature
3. Brahms: The Boy 2
2. Capone
1. The Last Days of American Crime

Scott's Top Ten Worst Movies:

10. Dolittle
9. The Last Thing He Wanted
8. Bloodshot
7. The Grudge
6. Hubie Halloween
5. Brahms: The Boy 2
4. Force of Nature
3. Pets United
2. Fantasy Island
1. The Last Days of American Crime