What You Will Most Definitely Without Any Doubt Read on the Site in 2021

The next week is going to be crazy, so while I am going to post something every day because that is my big goal for the year, I don't think it is going to be significant and there is a 90% chance I resort to pictures of my pets and kids or just repost more stuff from a decade ago.

But I sure as spiffy have some boiling hot plans for 2021. I promise you a shiny yet discontinued Canadian penny that every one of them will be completed and posted on this here site. Every single one. If not, then you can pretend I gave you a penny. A whole penny!

A penny!

Oh wait, I think that I may have got distracted by something shiny again.

My point is that even if this week isn't going to see lots of writing on the site that this year sure will. Here are some of my big plans for 2021.

Reviewing every MCU movie by order of theatrical release: This was my goal before Avengers: Endgame came out, and you may have noticed that it has been out for a short while. Even though, I am not enough of an ambitious fool to promise the whole series will be completed this year, it will start, and I intend to make it a regular feature with several reviews a month. I think it would be cool to revisit what has been one of the most influential and major movie franchises ever and look at how it evolved and how each individual movie holds up.

Reviewing every animated Disney theatrical release in order: Because the other series wasn't ambitious enough. This one has over hundred movies and that doesn't include shorts, which I plan on doing for the ones that are available on Disney Plus. The Disney animated movies may be the most influential collection of movies in cinema or at least, you can't argue with their impact and how it has reshaped movies. This will be impossible to review in a year since I also aim to write reviews for new releases and every movie that is on the podcast, so this is destined to be a several year project unless something crazy like this site making significant money starts happening in 2021. Billionaires looking to fund my crazy projects, this is the time to hop on.

Weekly serialized story: I've been talking about this one for years. I still not sure what the actual story will be yet, but I have ideas. My hope is to have this going some time after February when I've completed some other major projects. I am very excited about this, and it is going to be an exciting new challenge for me and gives the site something different/

Pop Culture Journal: A monthly piece where I list everything I watched, read or listened to that month. I don't think I can review everything, but this will allow me to have some quick thoughts on the stuff that never gets a full review.

More humour or creative pieces: I did that a lot more a decade ago, and to be honest, I am not really sure why I stopped. But I did. Much like my review writing, do it less has meant I feel out of a groove where it isn't as natural as I remember it being. The only way to find that groove again is to start writing in that style again, so I am going to do it more often this year.

Detail my writing journey: I used to create a lot of writing advice columns and considering how early on in my career I was, I kind of cringe at that now. Rather than writing advice pieces, I'd rather share my experience and what I am learning as I write. I feel that will be much more valuable and authentic. I am going to be much more open about my writing career this year.

Parenting adventures: Much like with writing, I am less interested in offering advice on parenting and more sharing my experience and showing how I've grown as a dad. Plus, my kids often provide many funny stories worth sharing.

Writing about old-school wrestling: I know that I have some wrestling fans that read my stuff. While I am not really interested in writing about modern wrestling, I have a treasure chest full of wrestling tapes from the 1980s and 1990s. I have been thinking about going through those tapes and reviewing some. The question is do you prefer me to write it as a review or do it recap style?

Positive thinking pieces: I've spent the last year trying to find different positive thinking techniques to help improve my mental health and achieve success. I don't think I've mastered the optimism and success that I need, but I do feel it has improved my emotions and I have the energy to achieve my dreams. I don't want to necessarily provide traditional advice pieces because I may not have the authority for that, but I want to be more open and honest on how these positive strategies have impacted my own life.

Review a TV Series: I used to professionally write TV reviews, and to be honest, it may be hard to pull this off if I stick with my goal of doing the movie review series and try to review new releases and every podcast movie. I want to at least try to do one TV series this year and it will likely be a classic TV series. Some of the candidates are LOST, The Americans, Friends, Buffy the Vampire Slayer or 24.