Yet Another Observation About Writing

This week I put together some quick thoughts on writing. I realized after I posted it that I missed a really important insight that I've learned about over the last few years that is vital to being a good writer.

Good writing isn't worried about offending or upsetting people.

Good writing is honest, and sometime honesty means you are going to say something that will make your readers upset. 

Now, this isn't the same as being a writer that tries to draw an audience by being an asshole. There are some writers who purposely are dicks because the controversy grabs them attention. I am not subscribing to that strategy.

I am saying write with grace, kindness, sincerity and compassion. Don't try to be an asshat. But you need to write honestly and from your heart and truly convey your thoughts. You need to write about what move you. You need to speak the truths that are embedded in your soul.

If you do those things, then you are destined to annoy or upset or piss-off somebody. That is okay. That is part of the journey of writing.

If you don't write something because you're afraid to annoy people, then you're not really writing from your heart. Great writing is always from the heart.