Covid Curveball

Danika at her first ever Blue Jays game in August of 2015

Emily started sneezing and getting the snot faucet nose. She was pretty sure it wasn't a fever, because she didn't have any fever-like symptoms. But we are in what is the Covid-era where a common cough makes people cringe and you must debate if you can make a grocery store run if you have a tickle in your throat. So, Emily did the Covid screening test and it tells her to not only stay home but everyone else in the home needs to do the same until she gets a Covd test done and the subsequent negative results. If positive, then it is a ten day camp out at the house for everyone.

We're pretty sure Emily does not have Covid and it is a minor yet naggy cold at worst. As my dad says, 'a sneeze for her may mean death for someone else.' So, that means the kids are staying home today and probably tomorrow, and maybe even longer depending on how the long test results will take. With Emily down and out, but the kids bubbling with the hyper-active energy of kids being given a surprise day off school. it has become clear that my plans of really digging into writing on the site have been derailed.

Today I play referee, entertainer, playmate, schoolteacher and magician. When I am not doing those things, I am scrambling to do some fresh new work for clients. But the plans of writing more intensive movie news or finally getting to those movie reviews, have been postponed this week. I just landed another set of sales copy for a client, and I know that I will not be blowing through those as quickly as possible, which means that will be the 'desperately trying to catch-up before the deadline burns me alive' challenge for the week.

I hope your week is a Covid-free one.