For The Days of Being Smaller


For the days they both fit in our 'chariot' without too many limbs flailing into the face.

I've been going down the nostalgia trail the last few weeks, but I am also very thankful and proud of who my kids have become.

That is the thing that I need to remember. It also okay to think fondly on the past or even enjoy going down memory lane, but don't forget the moment we are in.

Appreciate what we have now.

Strive for excellence in this moment and not allow our past to haunt us or our future to to taunt us.

This is a thing that I need to remember about this site.

I can't beat myself up that I haven't done what I aspired to do with it yet, and I can't keep obsessing about what I want it to be.

Just make it the best site that I can right now.