Further Evidence My Wife is Amazing


As I've already declared, Danika is now officially 6, because once I mention it on the internet, it truly is official and set-in stone. I celebrated the occasion by writing a heartfelt piece about what my daughter means to me. My wife showed her love by proving once again that she is incredibly talented and is skilled in the ways of awesome. In this case, the awesome is a Mulan cake, because Danika recently saw the animated version and has decided she relates to that Disney Princess best. Likely because they both are really good at beating up boys and going on adventures, which I'm fine with that being the type of princess she wants to be.

My wife has made it tradition that she makes super special cakes for the kids, and this is one of her very best. That is no easy feat, because she has made some amazing birthday cakes through the years for Everett and Danika.
Emily is incredibly skilled, and she can do almost anything. Her cake making skills are definitely in the top ten. I love that she pours her time, soul and love into making these very special things for our kids. It is one of the many reasons that I love and adore her.