The Breakdown of 'To All the Boys: Always and Forever', 'Malcolm & Marie' and 'Calibre'


The Movie Breakdown is coming at you with three movie reviews this week including the final movie in the teen romcom trilogy with To All the Boys: Always and Forever. You may remember we were fans of the first two movies, and so find out if it can keep its charm, energy and appeal. We also look at a very different kind of romance movie in the John David Washington and Zendaya starring Malcolm & Marie. Then it is a thriller that been hiding on Netflix for a few years now in the underseen, Calibre. After the movie reviews, we look at the fact the four major movie studios all have their own streaming service now and what that means for the future of movies.

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The Movies' Four-Star Rating
To All the Boys: Always and Forever *** (CS & SM)
Malcolm & Marie ** (CS & SM) 
Calibre ***½ (CS & SM) 


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