April Round-Up: The Last Month of Excuses

April did not end up being deep-dive reviews and articles explosion that I may have teased at the start of the month. I have stuck with my goal of posting something every day in 2021, but as I've lamented in previous monthly round-ups, there is a lot of throwaways to make my quota type pieces. 

I have written a few things that I think are worth spotlighting for the month of April:

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Review: I Thought Shows After Wrestlemania Were Supposed to Hook You - I'm mostly spotlighting this because I know there are readers that miss my pieces on wrestling and well, this explains why I don't write about it much and also is an actual new piece about wrestling.

Brand Desperation Leads to  Vin Diesel's 'Rock'em Sock'em Robots' Movie - In a month where this site better reflects my vision this probably wouldn't be a highlight piece, but it wasn't one of those months, so here you go.

The Bird Crap on the Window - Actually not about literal bird crap but rather my epiphany of some of the things that have hindered me in my life and the strategies I plan to use to overcome them.

Woke Alert: Four Things That Actually Aren't Cancelled and Four Things That Are Cancelled - I am pleasantly surprised that this piece not only connected with the groups I expected but also with some that I assumed would have completely skipped over this article.

As always, there was The Movie Breakdown coming at you every Monday and here are the past month's episodes.

I want to thank everyone for the support and reading or listening to my stuff in April. I am so appreciative that there are people who stick around even if this site hasn't quite been what was advertised. May is another month and I'm really excited to have you all with me on this writing journey.