Whatever You Do, Do It in Your Own Style


I love this picture of Everett from Fall of 2015, He should be a few weeks in school at this point, even though he looks so young still. That is what happens with one is born on Boxing Day, so he is still three-year-old here. 

The picture warms my heart because it just encapsulate Everett so much. He is going to wear that hat down low even if it appears to cover his eyes and you wonder if he can see a thing. But Everett has got to Everett.

It is a good reminder as someone trying to grow this site that I can't try to follow the other bloggers or columnists or sites, but rather I need to capture my own personality and allow my own style to drive me. My success is going to come from embracing who I am and allowing honest and authentic writing to shine through.

Just like three-year-old Everett strutting down that path.