8 Quick Tips on Life That I Need to Remember to Follow

I've been on a year plus journey on living a more positive and optimistic life. The goal is that such a perspective will lead to a more successful and joyful life. I've provided some advice and tips on here while taking on this new perspective and if I'm honest, I am probably about 50% successful at pulling it off at best. 

I believe that most advice isn't this universal truth that is magically burned on a stone tablet. It is rather one person sharing their own experience and expressing things that have had success or that they themselves are trying to achieve.

Here are 8 little tidbits on things that can be done for a happier and more successful life.

1. Talk and behave as if the Zoom microphone and camera is always on. Most people don't want their boss or colleague or client or teacher to know they have a temper or can showcase a pus-riddled ugly side, so they put on their best behaviour hats when they know there is more than just immediate family who can hear them. Assume the whole world or the people who give you your pay cheque can always hear you, so you watch what you say and how you say it.

2. Be joyful and grateful when paying your bills. The wireless company provided you a helpful service this month and that repair person got that pesky issue resolved and the  restaurant saved you time by not cooking and the rent means you have a place to live for another month and that utility bill means things ran nicely all month, so yes, maybe things are tight and so it is tough to see that money go or you're paying more than you expected, but someone still provided something for you. Be grateful you got that service. Be happy that you can do your part by paying the bills. That money will come back to you.

3. Let someone know one thing you appreciate about them. Do this for at least one person every day. So many people aren't aware of the good that they've done for people. It will make you feel good that you've uplifted someone today while also making their day.

4. Believe and act like your dream and desires have already come true. Rather than constantly wishing or complaining that your goals haven't been achieved, start living and behaving like your dreams have already come true. Be grateful for what you have already accomplished. Do the actions and take on the habits in a way that you've already achieved that success rather than feel like your work is all for nothing. Make sure you look at what has been done by the people who have achieved your dreams and try to follow those habits and actions.

5. Believe there are no problems but only solutions, and there is no failure but only learning experiences. It is all cliche, but if you really believe, it gives you a special insight and perspective on challenges and obstacles.

6. Take time to soak up the magic and beauty of nature. I have a pond in my backyard. If I actually take the time to look at it and reflect upon its magical beauty, then it uplifts and nourishes my soul. One of the great ways to charge my positivity and get me feeling better is having a nice bike ride with my kids around the block. Take time to enjoy the magic and wonder of nature.

7. Enter a discussion or debate with empathy and the goal to learn or understand. If you enter a debate with the plan to win than you've already lost.

8. Celebrate the success of others. It can be tough seeing someone achieve the things that you want. Maybe the neighbour bought the brand new trailer that you always wanted or someone on social media seems to be soaring in their career. But it is much better to be happy for them and celebrate them achieving their goals. You continue to encourage and congratulate others because your day is on its way.