This has been a very rough week emotionally.

I had a major issue that smacked me hard upside the face and it has been a few days of trying to recover. A few days of trying to regroup and plan the next step. A few days to try to get my career back on track and having the confidence to be an amazing husband, father and writer. I'm shaken at the moment and it has made it harder to really immerse myself in my work for clients.

It means that I am currently behind and buried, and well, overwhelmed by stress.

This means that I probably won't be writing movie reviews this week.

When my emotions are frayed or I am feeling overwhelmed or I am tight for time, I constantly default to not being able to write a movie review. Instead I'll lean towards musings about positive thinking or parenting or a listicle.

I have psyched myself out on what a movie review needs to be. It is this big and overwhelming and ambitious piece of writing. It needs to be a prose worthy of the movie being covered. It needs to dig deep into history and lore, and provide complex insight on what made it work, but also be fun and entertaining. Sometimes I just don't feel like I have the energy to really justify my stance and opinions on a movie.

So, I skip it.

Then I feel horrible.

I am not sue why written film analysis freaks me out. It can just be a written version of what I do every single Sunday morning when recording The Movie Breakdown.

Yet here I am again feeling I am not in the place to write them.

I apologize. Considering reviews were supposed to be a major part of this site.

After this week, my hope is that I have the energy and courage to dig deep into reviews,

Who cares if they turn out short or lack analysis or miss major points.

They will be honest and authentic and sincere.

I will remind myself during every word that I type that it is just part of the conversation and I can return to this movie with ten more reviews because I know that my views and expereince with a movie change with each viewing.

This does not need to be my definitive take.

The reviews are coming.

The deep and great writing that I've been shouting about for months is coming.

I apologize.

This has been one of the toughest few days for me in years. 

I will get through this. Then the movie reviews will be raining from the skies.