Spew It Out

I've been slimed!

I landed a pretty major ghostwriting job this week and considering this time around, I'm struggling launching off with the work and kids always around balance that this week will need to be another wash. 

I know that I've said it about one million times but my goal next week, probably starting Tuesday, is to really come to terms with pounding out a quick reviews or just allow my feelings for a movie to flow from the fingers rather than being overly precious about it being some grand work of art. 

On top of that, I hope to just be at peace with writing short but high quality riffs when it comes to news items or tributes or inspirations. If I'm moved to write something then I just tear it out rather than stress over if my words are worthy of the subject or if it is some awards-worthy prose to be be held up in the annals of history.

Maybe I will write something that is great.

I sure will have big. long deep dive pieces or reviews with in-depth analysis. 

But not everything needs to be that. I sure as hell shouldn't avoid a piece because I only have 10 minutes or psyche myself out because I don't think I can pull it off.

I'll just write. I'll let the words lead me to the creation of the post.

I can always return to that subject on another day. I can always return to a movie with more insight and analysis and new thoughts.

The key is to aspire to keep on getting better. The way to do that is to keep on writing. The riff format with some few long-form pieces each week will make sure the writing keeps on rolling.

This week will mostly reposts and quick thrown together bits, but I will be prepping for next week and be ready to rock off your socks.