Rolling the Dice


We are making a big change to The Movie Breakdown tomorrow. My hope is focusing in on one movie will free up some valuable time to pursue some other major projects for this site and allow me to really stretch myself with different reviews.

The change wasn't just to accentuate our strengths by going longform and deep-diving into a single movie. It was not just a plan to improve the podcast. It definitely wasn't just a strategy to improve this site and work flow.

It was done out of necessity. I have some pretty major issues that have come stomping into my life. Super major stuff that is crucial to how my life will roll out for the coming months and years. In order to keep major parts of my life going well while also keeping the site and podcast alive, it was absolutely necessary that I made a drastic change. It was for their survival. It was a life necessity.

Yes, I am being vague. Maybe I'll elaborate some day.

I really hope people like this podcast change. I really hope it allows me to rock this site like never before. I need it.

I am in the final crunch of expanding my audience and monetizing my work.

This may be the final roll of the dice for potential career success.