The Breakdown of The Terminator vs. The Thing

We are trying out something different this week that is similar to a special episode we did way back at the beginning of The Movie Breakdown. In 2013, we did something called Mockbuster vs. Blockbuster where we compared a big blockbuster movie against the Asylum knock-off of that movie to see which one was better. We only ever did one episode.

This time, two major movies are going to be matched in what may turn out to be a few times a year special. The inaugural grudge match will see two beloved sci-fi thrillers from the 1980 go head-to-head in The Terminator vs. The Thing.

There will be ten rounds in this big match-up. Each category will look at a specific aspect of the movie like the plot and lead performance and score. Both hosts will decide which movie they feel wins in that category, and then in the end, we add up the score to see the 1980s sci-fi thriller that is the true champion.

Now of course, with their being ten rounds and two hosts, there is a chance that this all ends in a tie. But what is the chances of that?

It is also a great chance for us to discuss and celebrate two of our favourite movies ever. We had a great time discussing them, and we hope you love it as well, If you do, then please help us out by spreading the word to other movie fans.

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