It Seems About the Right Time to Devote a Post to Future Plans

These don't tend to work out really well. I make a grand declaration about the site getting much better and busier, and then to prove this, I lay out what I have planned for the coming weeks and months. Then I usually proceed to do none of them, and then try it all over again.

I can say right now that the chances of big massive pieces being on here this month while my day job is hectic and I am participating in NaNoWriMo where I am not just aiming to win the challenge of 50k words, but also earn all the badges and try to write 100K (for the record, I am a little behind on that goal at the moment) is not very likely. It is better to expect more of what I've been posting the last few days in quick and snappy pieces. I could surprise myself, and I could also suddenly become a millionaire tomorrow after discovering a leprechaun under the guest bed. They love napping down there.

As I've bellowed over and over, the site isn't quite what I want it to be yet. What I want is it to be a movie site that looks at movie history, has movie reviews and explores how the art connects with our lives. In order to show that art connects with all aspects of our world, I had hopes to make the site stand-out with a personal twist where through movies explore issues that matter to me and reveal things like my mental health and on a more fun note, a look at my own creative process. But the big part has been for it to be a fresh and appealing movie site. And along with the podcast, I have had hopes to turn this into a major part of my income, and to do that, well, it needs to have new stuff to draw in readers.

What kind of stuff? Well, lots of things that I've already promoted endlessly and never delivered on yet, of course. Here are a few things that I hope to have on the site in the coming weeks and months.

The MCU movie review series: The several years now goal has been to review every MCU movie by chronological release date, and I am now contemplating including the MCU Disney Plus series as well. My hope is to finally revisit many of these movies for the first time since theatrical viewing, but I want to explore how the series has progressed and what has made it the box office juggernaut that all other studios try to chase.

The Disney Animated Theatrical Release Series: Exact same plan as the MCU series, but this time with the most powerful and influential animation studio of all-time. I am fascinated to see how they progress, where they started to fall and what it took to get them back on top. Plus, there are a few feature film blindspots that I am excited to fill.

The Weekly Serialized Fiction: This is another one that I've been touting for years. I don't see me being able to start this right in the middle of Nano. The plan is to post a story that have several chapters that come out on a weekly basis, as something a little different but allows me to keep my creative muscles flexing.

The History of Adventure Games: I would like to play and review some of the major graphic adventure games over the years. I would probably start with the original King's Quest and then take a journey playing through some of the major games through the years. I would also explore their impact and how the genre has evolved over the years.

Wrestling Through My VHS Collection: I have lots of wrestling tapes. Lots. The goal would be to blast through them and review all the wrestling on there. It will be a bit of a nostalgia jaunt for me, and I'm interested to see how much of it holds up considering how much I dislike the current WWE.

2021 Release Review: The goal is to simply return to the original plan during this relaunch a year ago and have full written reviews of at least one 2021 movie a week. And then of course when 2022 arrives, it would 2022 releases.

Classic or Not-So Classic Movie Reviews: My hope is to have written reviews of movies we talk about on The Movie Breakdown and also include some other older movies each week. I will also likely try to review every Star Wars movie and things like that as well.

My Creative Process: This will likely happen this month and hopefully, beyond. Rather than offer up writing advice, I will explore how I came about with writing ideas or what stumbling blocks I encountered or just things I learn while trying to craft a novel or short story.

My Mental Health Journey: This will be my vulnerable moment. Once again, rather than give advice on managing mental health or thinking positive, I will open up about my own experiences and what I'm doing to manage my mental and emotional health, and using positivity to achieve my dreams

Personal anecdotes: My kids and dogs do fun stuff, and I will share them when I feel it is entertaining for people who are not just me.

The Movie Breakdown: This will continue to be the home of my weekly movie review podcast along with my amazing co-host Scott Martin.

YouTube Videos: I am going to break into YouTube. Not literally. I don't even know where their HQ is located. I do plan to start making videos and I have a few ideas, and will hopefully, have some type of weekly things to post by the new year.

Movie News Thoughts: This will never be a full movie news site and I can't see myself ever breaking exclusive movie news, but there is bound to be some trailers or big happenings that I will want to discuss and explore.

Tribute Catch-up: I want to write reviews for significant figures like Roddy Piper, Richard Donner and Gordon Downie that should have got tributes when they passed.

Thoughts on Major News and Social Issues: This was a thing that I did a lot back in the day. Probably won't do as much now, because I find it exhausting. But I will do it when there is something significant that I want to speak into.

Humour and Creative Writing Pieces: This is also something that I did a lot in the past. I hope to make a glorious return to a few goofy and creative pieces that I can sprinkle throughout the year.