The Breakdown of Jojo Rabbit

The listeners who have been with us for a few years may remember that Jojo Rabbit topped my best of the year list in 2019. Scott later admitted that if he had time to see it before that show that it would have been his number one movie as well. It is intriguing that one of the few times we both agreed on the best movie is also a picture that is very divisive among most critics who agree is well-made but rarely made the top of their lists. It connected with us in a very different way than most.

Why did this movie become our favourite of 2019? Why is it so controversial? Why do we think it is still a must-watch in 2021?

Well, we answer all those questions while delving deep into the Taika Waititi directed dramedy and political satire, Jojo Rabbit.

As always, it was a pleasure recording this episode, and we really hope you love it. If you do, then please help us out by sharing it on social media, so other movie lovers can find us.

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