The Breakdown of Critically Panned Movies - 'National Treasure', 'Gods of Egypt', 'Mary Shelley's Frankenstein,', 'Constantine' and 'Empire Records'

In the first year of The Movie Breakdown, we recorded an episode where we reviewed four critically panned movies with the hopes that we could champion them and declare them better than their reputation. The experiment failed, as we both agreed with the critics on each movie. 

Now in 2022, we are trying it again with five more movies. We have the Nicholas Cage starring heist meets exploration adventure in National Treasure. From there, we have a not-so-historically accurate fantasy adventure in Gods of Egypt. Then it is a film adaptation of a literary classic in the gothic drama Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Speaking of adaptations, how about a supernatural noir based on a comic book series in the Keanu Reeves starring Constantine. We finish off the episode with the teenage workplace dramedy, Empire Records.

Spoiler, this time we do actually have some recommendations and movies we feel are worth checking out.

As always, it was a blast recording this episode, and we hope you love it. If you do, please help spread the word on social media, so more movies fans can discover us.

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Question of the Week: What is a reboot or adaptation that you feel is better than the source material?

Movie Ratings:

National Treasure *** (CS & SM)
Gods of Egypt *** (SM) & ** (CS)
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein *** (CS) & ** (SM)
Constantine *** (SM) & ** (CS)
Empire Records * (CS & SM)