The Breakdown of 'The Tender Bar' and 'Mother/Android' and Remembering Sidney Poitier, Betty White and Peter Bogdanovich

It is our first regular episode of 2022 and to kick-off the occasion we are returning to the multiple review and topic format, because there is just too much to discuss. We have two 2022 releases to review, including the George Clooney directed and Ben Affleck starring coming-of-age drama The Tender Bar and the dystopian sci-fi thriller starring Chloe Grace Moretz, Mother/Android.

After the movie reviews, we will pay tribute to three major stars in entertainment that have left a massive impact. We look at the groundbreaking actor who starred in some of the most important movies of the 1960s and the first Black man to win Best Actor in Sidney Poitier. We also celebrate the career of the lovable icon, Betty White. Finally, Peter Bogdanovich may be the least knwon of the trio but he left a huge lasting impact on movies as well. It is a celebration of greats but also a little look at movie history.

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Movie Star Ratings:

The Tender Bar ** (SM) & *½ (CS)
Mother/Android ** (CS) & *½ (SM)