Making You Really Anticipate the Bonus Episode of 'The Movie Breakdown' and An Appreciation for

On the latest episode of The Movie Breakdown, we announced that we would be back on Thursday with a bonus show where we discuss the Oscar nominations along with two movie reviews.

Well, we fooled you.

There will be a second episode this week, but due to some technical issues, the episode is likely going to be delayed to Friday morning instead of today.

If you listened to Tuesday's episode, there were portions where it sounded like we were interrupting each other. Well, that wasn't happening during the recording. But due to some synching issues, it caused us to be talking over each other, which doesn't make for the most enjoyable listening experience and makes us come off as impatient jerks.

And Impatient Jerks is our planned spin-off show, so obviously, I don't want our main show to ape that innovative format of constant interruptions.

I'm going to try to clean-up the Scream episode, but the bigger priority is to resolve the issues going forward, so I am waiting for the amazing staff and technical team at to sort out the issues for future recordings, and in the short term, try to do some manual synching for the yet to be posted episode.

I wanted to throw out the courtesy of letting you know there will be a delay in posting the bonus episode.  

It also seemed like a good time to offer up some free promotion to a great company that has been a pleasure to record for our podcasts.

I am not sure if I've ever promoted Riverside on here before. But since last June, it has been the site and program we've used to record our podcast. As most of you know, Scott and I have not lived in the same city since 2016, which means we rarely can do in-person recordings. This means we've used a few different approaches to recording our show remotely over the last several years.

Riverside has proven to be the best, and has increased the quality of sound of our podcasts. It records us both on separate tracks, so unlike most remote recording software and devices, it doesn't pick up any of the lag or glitches that can happen when your co-host or guest is online rather than in-person. The sound quality makes it seems like we are in the same room or at least, we don't need to fear if one person freezes that their comments are completely lost to static, freeze and glitches.

Essentially, we both go on to a site, and it records separate tracks remotely and then they get uploaded on to a cloud. There is a feature that then synchs the two tracks, and from there, I download them to be edited and produced for that week's episode. 

Like any great company, Riverside is always trying to expand and improve their service. They have recently changed their synching features, and that may be the reasons for the recent glitch. But their customer service is great, and they are looking into the issue. But for the sake of this episode, I may need to do my own synching of the two tracks to avoid it sounding like we're talking over each other.

So, that is the delay. But I want to make it clear that I am a very happy Riverside customer, and this recent issue has made me appreciate them even more with their excellent customer service. They have played a huge part in improving the sound quality of our show, and I feel it has gone a long way in making us sound far more professional. And no, they did not ask me to promote them.

I just felt that since I've been using them since June and I have been very happy with them, that it was time to give them some free publicity on the site.

The bonus episode is indeed recorded. I'm hoping to work through some of the unfortunate technical issues, and it is likely going to be posted on Friday rather than the promoted Thursday. You will get our steaming hot take on the Oscar nominations then.