This Day in Spicer History

I'm an aging dad who every day watches his adorable kids grow up on him. Nostalgia has a habit of wrapping its tentacles all around me and pulling me into my past. I love my kids and who they are growing up to be, but I also get joy from looking back.

My Microsoft One Drive will give me a notification every day of photos from that current day in history. Not pictures of Napoleon riding a dinosaur or Wilt Chamberlain drinking a cold soda with Abraham Lincoln, but rather photos from personal Spicer history.

I happen to have been hit with a giant case of nostalgia today, so here are few of those photos from events that happened on this day, but in the past.

This is what we called our 'babymoon' as this was the summer before Everett was born. This was my first time in New York, and still one of my favourite vacations. Not having kids may have something to do with it.

We ate at a fancy Gordon Ramsey owned restaurant before going to a Broadway show. Things I never talk about doing once the kids came along.

Then life got a whole lot busier, but a whole lot cuter.

Then the cuteness (and chaos) kept on coming.

In 2016, Everett went to his first camp. It was a dance camp with a superhero theme. To add to the excitement, he stayed at his grandparents for the week, so I remember him being extra thrilled for us to come see him at the end of the week for his dance number.

This was during our trip out east in 2017, and this is in Quebec City. While less fancy restaurants and musicals that I dress up nice to see, this was filled with pleasures only my kids could provide.

Fast-forward to an era where we weren't taking trips but after several months of being stuck at home finally had a pool party with friends. This will likely be a lasting memory due to being one of our first social interactions of the summer of 2020. The year people really got acquainted with their house.