What is That? You Want Another Music Video Post? Well, 'Just Give Me a Reason' for One

I would not say that I'm a big pop music fan, but I have grown to appreciate that style over the years. One that has been able to dig deep into my brain and cause me to hum throughout the day is 'Just Give Me a Reason' by Pink that features Nate Ruess. 

I like it because it has an uplifting beat and tempo, but the song itself is deep in melancholy. It is about a relationship that is falling apart, but both sides are desperate to try to find a way to repair it. As someone who has been married for almost 15 years, I can say with great confidence that there is something beautiful about a song that acknowledges the damages of time but the aspirations to make it better.

Plus, it is just a catchy tune. Enjoy!