It Isn't Trivial to Believe in Yourself

2022 has not been the champagne is flowing and party is always going year of success that I had envisioned when it started. For the second straight year, Christmas is approaching and I'm bummed out that I currently can't afford to buy my son a Switch because the pandemic really hit my freelance writing career very hard. Failure is the word that keeps wanting to creep inside my brain and become a sole owner.

But the year isn't done, and 2023 promises a fresh start. Rather than dwell on the disappointment and career misfires, it is crucial to look back at the year and decide to spotlight the wins.

Speaking of wins, I recently got a win that was a golden reminder that we never know when success can swoop into our life and we are all more capable of victory than we often give ourselves credit.

Emily signed us and another couple up as a team for a trivia night contest that consisted of 27 four-person teams. I enjoy trivia, but have never competed in a competition outside of games of Trivial Pursuit.

For me, I felt we'd be lucky if we landed in the top ten. I'd be ecstatic if I just didn't embarrass myself during the contest. I have a reputation of being great at trivia and knowing lots of little factoids, but there were voices saying that I was a fraud. Sort of like how I've felt as a writer this past year.

Emily on the other hand was confident we could win since she trusted my skills and our partners abilities in the realm of trivia warfare. And I did know that no matter the outcome, we would have fun, and it would be nice to have a night out sans kids.

Well, it was a fun night.

It also was a reminder that I should listen to my wife. And apparently, I am not too bad at this trivia thing.

Yes, we won. It was a fun boost to the ego. But as I got home with our unexpected winners' cheques and some bragging rights, I realized how often something seems impossible before I start it. I didn't even contemplate winning the trivia contest, yet our team pulled it off. 

I just had to show up. I had to try my very best. I had to have confidence in my answers. And this time, it meant we won.

Sometimes a person just needs to show up, and then be brave enough to try their very best and put their heart into it. Victory isn't as elusive as it seems.

It was just a small trivia contest. It is now life-changing moment. But it can be a life-changing reminder that winning is possible, and we never know how close we are to success. We just need to take those chances, and put our heart into the things we care about.

I don't know how far this site and the podcast is from suddenly connecting with a large audience. I don't know if my next manuscript with wow an agent, and possibly become a bestseller. I don't know if I apply for a critic's association if I'll actually get in. I don't know when my next victory will arrive. I just need to keep hustling and putting my heart into what I do. And this applies to everyone one of my readers too.

Don't give up. Our team won the trivia contest because we showed up and we took a chance. I plan on reminding myself daily of this win, and that more can happen. Who knows, maybe a holiday career miracle is right around the corner.