Not Quite a Stellar Start


I have been able to post something every single day this month, but it hasn't quite been the quality that I had aspired at the start of the year. Especially, when it comes to movie reviews, where I have only written one so far. To be fair, I have only seen one 2023 release. Part of that, was due to the fact that I want to try to review every 2023 movie that I see, and I knew that January would not be a great month on the blog. 

This does mean that some movies that were released near me will not be seen or reviewed until much later in the year. I hope that by mid- February that the site will have several more movie reviews and other more in-depth pop culture columns. I should also by that time be able to provide an update on how my entry in the Toronto Star Short Story is progressing.

For now, thank you for sticking with me even if it has been a lot of reposts.