There is Nothing Strange About the World of Awesome Discovered in This Birthday Cake

Danika recently had her birthday, which means after a two year Covid forced hiatus, she finally got to have a birthday party. And a birthday combined with a party means Emily works her magic and makes our kids an incredible cake.

This year the theme is Strange World, which was an underseen but incredibly fun Disney animated adventure movie clearly inspired by Jules Verne and 1940s adventure serials. The movie was extra special, because Danika and I saw it together in theatres, and she whispered to me several times during the screening that she really liked it. A movie is always a little more special when we share the experience together in the theatre.

It didn't seem like all the kids invited had seen the movie, but Danika loved the cake, and if you have seen it, you'd realize Emily did her usual amazing job. It has characters Splat, Legend, and the tentacle creature showcased on top along with those pink flying creatures that all play a major part in the picture.

Also, the layered cake represents the three lands in the movie. There is the snow covered land that starts the feature, the green land that the Clade family live, and then the pink land is the place they venture into to save their home. 

I totally recommend the movie, even if it is just so you appreciate the cake even more. I say it every year, but my wife is amazingly talented.

I have also said before that even though she doesn't say things like 'I love you' or be overly affectionate often, it is the hours she pours into things like making cakes or helping the kids with their cello or other incredible feats around the house that displays her amazing love for our family/

Here is my few times a year brag that my wife is truly awesome.