Because I Can't Help Being Ambitious

Hey look, another article about hyping stuff.

I will stop doing that very soon.

Just not now.

Since I decided that I haven't promised enough review series, I am going to tangle myself up to another for the next several decades. As most of my movie buff readers would know, the American Library of Congress has a National Film Registry where they induct several movies every year that they deem worthy of preservation.

This does not mean they are the best pictures ever, and there are some movies in there that I outright dislike. The theory is that each movie that gets inducted has some form of significance be its influence, aesthetic, impact, popularity or quality

The registry is quite a bounty of movies with some indeed classics and the most influential movies ever. There are also quite a few movies that despite the status that I've never seen. My goal is to eventually see every single movie that is in the registry. It will be quite the task and likely will take decades to complete, and may never happen considering some will be harder to track down.

But as someone who deems himself a film critic and has a deep love for film history, this seems like a worthy task.

Unlike the MCU and Disney series, I don't plan to stick to any chronological order or officially make it a review series. Luckily. the voters sure like their Disney, so there is some serious cross-pollination anyway.

The plan over the years will be to drop in with reviews for many of these movies as I build up my own literacy, but also create a library of reviews for various major pictures.

At some point, this series will help build up another goal which is to have created what I deem the 100 best movies. Of course, in this sense, 'best' means my favourites.

It should be fun, and in the coming months, you should expect reviews for major movies like Citizen Kane, Star Wars, and The General, which were some of the first inductees to the list.