This Time 'The Misadventures of Pinocchio' is Really Going to Happen

Several weeks ago. I hyped my return to theatre where I'd be performing in several supporting roles for the Brant Theatre Workshop production of The Misadventures of Pinocchio. It was extra special because Everett would be acting in a few supporting roles as well, so we would be doing it together. 

And it has been wonderful, and everyone involved has worked really hard. I promoted the shows would be during two weekends in July. You may be bummed out that you missed your chance to check out the play.

Well, you didn't.

The opening night was going along great until our lead took a little too ambitious pratfall and injured himself. The play had to be stopped and every proceeding date was cancelled.

He is still healing, but we have modified the play, so it will work for his current mobility.  We are ready to roll with three shows this weekend. It isn't quite the play we had spent months practicing, but I am excited that after all our dedication we will still be able to perform. There was a strong chance it was going to be entirely cancelled with only the audience that saw the first half of the opening night being able to witness our efforts,

In case you happen to be in the Brantford area this weekend, then I'd love to see you, and it would be an honour if you'd come to check us out. The shows are on Friday, August 11 at 7 pm, Saturday, August 12 at 7 pm, and Sunday, August 13 at 2 pm. The production will be at the historic Bell Homestead on 94 Tutela Heights Road, Brantford, Ontario, It is outside, so we are relying on the weather to be a pal.

There has been a lot of value in joining this play. I've been able to connect with other creative people that also love theatre and entertaining others. It has been a different avenue to harness my creativity, and it has filled with me an energy that I haven't been blessed with since my days working at Medeba during the summer. I miss being a giant goofball in front of a large audience. This is a return to a creative outlet that I hope to pursue more over the coming years, and it would be great to see some of this cast again in the future.

I do want to point out there is some incredible talent, and you can come to see Evereet and me, but you'll be amazed by some other talented actors as well,. It is a great way to support local theatre and the arts. I can't wait to see you!