A Question About Church


I know, I know. I haven't jumped into the substantial entertainment pieces and movie reviews that I promised were right around the corner, but this has been a pretty wild past week where I've barely remembered to breathe.

Instead, I want to ask a serious question that I am very curious about.

What do you think about a non-believer who is very unlikely to be converted going weekly to church for the social aspect and to show support to their family who regularly attends?

Connected to that, what do you think about that same person partaking in prayer with their family despite not believing they are talking to God, but doing it as a way of support and as a potential mental health exercise?

Does this seem like something healthy? Or is it delusional or a waste of time? Especially, since the sermons would often be filled with things that the person cannot relate to since it pushes leaning on a deity they don't think exists.

But can value still be found in sermons? Can they find ways to apply it to their life without the whole God-belief?

Simply put, what do you think about a non-believer joining Christian activities as a way to increase family bonds, provide support for their mental health, and potentially build new relationships?

As a curveball, what if this person is not only agnostic but liberal? 

Anyway, I am very curious to see everyone's answer. Thanks!