I'm a Better Dad Than Him. . .

Tribute to Awesome: Love to the Cake Magician and the Incredible 12-Year-Old The Cake Was Made For


The greatest Boxing Day deal that I ever received was the birth of Everett on that holiday back in 2011. He has truly been the gift that keeps on giving as he has continued to amaze me and make me a proud father. 

I've been impressed and inspired by his willingness to try anything be it new types of food or trying out for a sports team even if he has more of his father's athletic skills than his mother's. He also is always drawn to new experiences and constantly wants to learn new skills. He keeps reminding me of the importance of getting out of your comfort zone and being willing to keep on learning.

He has a giant heart and flows with empathy for others. I've been moved on several occasions to hear stories where he reaches out to the new kid to include them or help out one who is struggling with concepts at school. This world needs more kindness, and I'm proud that my son is one trying to move us in that direction.

One of the best things I've passed on to my kids is their love for imagination and their boundless creativity. Everett has joined me in writing stories every November for NaNoWriMo, and he loves going off to far-off worlds when playing with his sister. I hope he never loses that ability to think beyond what is just in front of him.

This year Everett has been taking his sister, Danika, to school every day, so I can get an extra hour of work in. I knew instantly that I could trust him. Everett has always proven that when I need him to step up and be responsible he delivers. Sure, he can play a great 'annoying' big brother, but when it counts, he doesn't let me down.

The stereotype is that the parent constantly has to nag their child to practice their instrument or do their homework. This has never been an issue with Everett. Of course, he never really gets homework like I did back in the day (old man shouts at clouds). But Everett is dedicated to his cello, and practices every day when he comes home from school without me ever having to ask. I love his dedication to excellence. He also has worked hard to improve his singing and dancing, and it has shown as he shines on the stage for his musical theatre productions. I also beam with pride that he loves musical theatre and entertaining others.

I'm biased, but he is pretty incredible. I look forward to another year where he inspires and amazes me.

Do you know who else really loves Everett? Emily. She shows that every year by making him some incredible cakes. This year is based on Everett's new favourite show One Piece. and it has the character he dressed up for at Halloween, Monkey D. Luffy.

The artistry and love of a Spicer woman don't just come from his mom, as the annual tradition is a handcrafted and unique birthday card from his amazing grandma. This year was extra special as it was tied to our family experience of performing in Beauty & the Beast, where Everett played Chip.

Since I have your attention, it seems like the best time to share the rather awesome birthday card that my mom made me that also has ties to the production that delightfully consumed our lives for several months.

And since we've slightly gone off course with my birthday, I must also present the office decoration created by Danika. Creativity flows through the wonderful ladies in my life.

Back to my amazing son, Everett. He did a lot to impress us this year as he worked really hard around the house and pursued many activities where he tried his very best. It was for this reason that despite tight finances and through the magic of a great deal, we finally gifted him with the Nintendo Switch he had been asking for the last several years.

As you can see, he was a little excited. We are glad we were able to make him so happy. He deserves it. Of course, he has given me joy for his entire 12 years in this world, and here is a pictorial history of my favourite boy in all the land.

I love you Everett, and can't wait for many more adventures with you and see the way you grow and shine this year!