What is That in the Distance?


Likely a plane, because a young Everett was really into planes. A phase that I don't remember lasting that long, but it was a cute obsession at the time. This picture is from 2013 on our trip to Vancouver and Victoria. A very pleasant memory that brings me joy.

I am all about revelling in the joy as my mental health feels like it has been thrown out of a plane onto a mountain of jagged rocks. I also am blessed with some deadline-intensive client work this week, which is amazing because I need work, but it also means that will have most of my focus the next few days. If I can deliver some high-quality pieces, then hopefully it will lead to a much more financially secure 2024 by landing much more work.

I have many projects I want to shine this year including growing this site with more movie reviews and think pieces, getting The Movie Breakdown rolling with engaging analysis and discussion, entering a real contender for the short story contest, having a completed manuscript for a novel, dig into a non-fiction pop culture book I've been thinking about, and trying out some video creations. But to be able to pull that off while also being a great dad and husband, I need to really devote time to managing my client work, creative projects, and family life.

All that to say, the site may continue to be sparse for most of this week as I get client work done and try to set things up for a much more glorious 2024.