Have You Played Oxenfree?

I won't be doing a full media diary this week, because most of my time has been frantically trying to get client work done and then have enough energy left to be a stellar husband and father. I did spend a few minutes trying out Oxenfree an adventure game from Night School Studios that was released back in 2016. I think, I was aware this game existed but I knew nothing about it.

It is a supernatural story about four kids that end up on an island that appears to be haunted ans has a dark past. Each character comes with their own past and trauma, and it all gets revealed through conversations and interactions. The game so far is incredibly low on puzzles but the story moves forward based on what of the three responses you choose when having a conversation with the other characters.

From what little I have played, it seems like the narrative and game alters based on how you decide to respond. You can be an asshole, someone kinder or slightly aloof. I don't know how much each choice really changes my relationship with the characters or steers the course of the narrative until a second playthrough.

I have really enjoyed my short time with it. It feels like a visual, interactive novel. I'd describe it as cozy as it doesn't command too much brain powers with the lack of puzzle sbut there is exploration and interactivity. The story and writing seem really solid, and it has pretty in-depth characters.

I'll do a more thorough review when I have a chance to do a larger playthrough, but interested to find out if anyone has played this game and what they thought.