I Apologize. . .

I have had some client work this year and my career trajectory is slowly progressing, but I have yet to get paid. The scary reality is that some bills and debts are burning down my back and need to be resolved before the payments will arrive. The sadder reality is even with the payments they won't cover what is suffocating me financially at the moment. I have mentioned that I am in a dire situation where I haven't had a phone plan since last summer and I can't afford to give my kids gifts for birthdays and Christmas. While that is still an issue, on top of that I need to pay off a few things to avoid potential creditors and other scary things barging into my life.

The work looks like it will start being a consistent reality but I'm in an emergency situation right now.

If you've ever appreciated my podcast or my writing in the past then a small donation to my PayPal would be the minor miracle that I need. 

The plan is to start crafting some new articles and podcasts for the site in the coming days to justify my requests.

It has been a rough stretch, but as always, I am so grateful for the support.