What is Ahead for 'Beyond the Balcony'


I'm a few days away from where I feel like I have a semblance of control over my current client work and can start properly devoting more time to the site and podcasts. Anyone who has stuck around for a decent length of time knows that I have some very ambitious plans for the site. They also know many of those plans usually crumble after I get overwhelmed and burnt out. 

My priorities need to be creating the best work possible for clients to build my business and make a living, devoting quality time to my wife and kids, and managing my mental and emotional health which right now are in ruins.

This means that the actual chunk of time I can pour into Beyond the Balcony and The Movie Breakdown podcast is limited. I need to alter my sweeping plan and instead pace myself toward my eventual dreams and vision for the site and my career.

This means that my current strategy is to focus on the site and podcast delivering reviews for new movie releases both in the cinema and streaming. This is what I'll focus on and aim to make the very best I am qualified to craft. I'm also working on a short story for a contest, so I may also share a few short anecdotes about the experience and what I am learning about the creative writing craft. As well, I'll also slowly start adding in a few thoughts on major movie news and sharing things like my parenting experience or any other major Spicer moments.

Once I start delivering on those promises, and am still able to manage my 'day work' and find the time for fiction and book writing, I'll expand on the site's ambitions. Here are the things I aim to slowly build towards:

Craft reviews for classic movies including the Disney and MCU movie series.

Reviews for various other pop culture and entertainment that include adventure video games. classic TV series, wrestling events, and novels. 

One thing I will try to implement this month that may make review goals more reasonable, is to resurrect my weekly pop culture overview with short movie reviews of all the various entertainment I consumed during the week.

Launch the long-awaited weekly fiction serial, though I haven't decided if it will be on this site or in a newsletter.

Starts a Substack or newsletter focused on a specific type of review or pop culture not related to movies.

Weekly videos with a specific focus that will likely supplement the podcast.

Increase my pop culture and daily anecdotes, where the site will have several pieces a day.

More in-depth historical movie pieces, which possibly be done through a newsletter or video segments.

Essentially, I want to take more creative risks and really explore the wonders of imagination and the arts.

But for now, my plan is to really deliver on the new release movie reviews, and if that succeeds, then continue to build up the site. I also want to start a Patreon and potential newsletter subscriptions that will also help me be able to focus on these projects if I can succeed in attracting and building subscribers.

At the moment, I need to prove to my loyal readers that I can consistently craft entertaining and insightful reviews and movie articles. 

If you want to help me with my goals and put me in a spot where I can start building up this site, then I will be humbled and honoured if you consider donating to my efforts through PayPal. As always, I am so thankful for the amazing support and love.