10 Things I Want Accomplished in 10 Years

I'm trying to be positive and optimistic about my career.

The very dark voices and the whirling state of being overwhelmed by everything from landing clients to answering a phone call have made it hard to be in a positive state.

I want to get there. This is why I am seeking medical help. It is why I am trying to implement strategies to really believe I can achieve my dreams and be the person that I want to be.

To kick off an era of positivity, here are ten things that I will focus on achieving over the next decade.

1. Have a strong, loving, and rewarding marriage and family life where my wife and kids rarely need to question my devotion and love to them.

2. Craft a novel that makes a bestseller list. 

3. Own a pop culture site that attracts several hundred thousand readers a month and gives me a significant portion of my income.

4. Expand The Movie Breakdown with a series of supplemental podcasts and YouTube videos that have a million subscribers.

5.  Land a leading part in a musical, where I actually have to sing some solos.

6. Make new friends and build deeper connections with the ones that I have.

7. Write a pop culture book that actually gets used as a text in a University for study.

8. Join the Online Film Critics Society and become a Rotten Tomatoes-approved critic.

9. Create an art festival for my local community.

10. Start a charity that plays a huge part in helping my community, especially the homeless.

Some of these are ridiculously ambitious. All are far from reachable in my current state. I am going to aim for them. I am going to believe in them. Just making the effort and having these goals is a victory.

What is something you want to accomplish in the next decade?