Five Random Thoughts

Every pundit was floored by the massive success of Inside Out 2. This will officially end the talks of Pixar being dead and no longer a draw because we're now looking at what has a good chance of being the highest-grossing movie of the year. The success definitely can be attributed to being a sequel to a popular movie with the return of beloved characters, I also think there is something to the movie being about anxiety, which is an emotion that has been mounting through our society but has especially been affecting kids more since the pandemic. While the rise of anxiety isn't good, a big tentpole movie dealing with real issues through an imaginative and fun story being a success is a good sign followed by movies like Dune Part 2, Barbie, and Oppenheimer being big hits while also being about something.

Furiosa should not be a sign that no one wants more Mad Max or anything to do with female-led tentpoles, but rather a reminder prequels are inherently dull and uninteresting story ideas. If it was so interesting, you would have started the story there to begin with.

Compliments and success are not enough to build confidence. They help but are fostered through daily decisions and choices. Yes, some random thoughts are not pop culture-based, apparently.

Everett saw his first Jackie Chan movie. Some may roll their eyes that the choice was Rush Hour. But let's be honest, I bet it was a lot of North Americans' first Jackie Chan movie.

Finding out Moana 2 was originally supposed to be a series that is now being repurposed into a movie makes me nervous. Not going to lie. My hope is somewhere it was decided this worked better as a movie with the work being done to be big screen ready. The trailer looked gorgeous, so I'm likely unjustified in being too worried.