The Path Ahead


Hey, look! A picture where my kids are walking alongside each other to school rather than one running away from the other shouting insults. Small victories.

Speaking of small victories, I have actually succeeded in posting something every day in June. Here are a few other things you should expect to see on Beyond the Balcony this month,

New episodes of The Movie Breakdown, though a few were recorded several weeks back, but the usual weekly cycle should return this week.

Three 'punishment' movie reviews for failing last year's Summer Box Office Challenge.

Movie reviews for new theatrical releases.

Possible review for the Acolyte series.

A weekly media diary where I offer quick reviews for the things I've enjoyed that didn't warrant or I didn't have time for a full review write-up. 

Thoughts and analysis on major movie and pop culture news including any hot new trailers.

Honest but hopefully entertaining looks at parenting or mental health that can be an inspiration to others who may be stuck in the same spot as me in life.

Peeks into the creative writing journey or artistic processes like performing as that now has become a thing for me too.

I want to really jump back into my writing groove as I try to find my personality and distinct writing again. I've really stumbled the past year and lost my mojo. I must believe that I have a voice and style that makes me stand out and worth reading, but I have to harness and refine it again. I hope to push myself this month by crafting work that is unique, entertaining, and valuable. 

Looking forward to a great month and beyond. Thank you always for your readership and support. If you feel so inspired and are in a place to help then I'd be ever so grateful for you to consider donating to my writing efforts over at my PayPal account as I try to get my writing career back on track.

Have a great weekend!