Creator Conumdrum

As an ad copywriter, film critic, columnist, storyteller, podcaster, stage performer, and constant creator, I'm putting myself out to an audience daily. I thrive on the knowledge my work can inspire, entertain, uplift, and help others. 

Yet, more often than not far too much of the creative process is battling self-confidence and a disdain for what I am creating. There is a lingering fear what I did isn't good enough or doesn't hold up compared to my peers. As a critic, I'm hardest on myself. 

I'm oh-so-slowly learning the art of 'do it anyway' and 'dare to be awful' while using all my energy, heart, and soul to do the best that I can on that day. Then usually, I get surprised that at least somewhere out there (luckily, the person who pays me), seems to like what I did much more than I did. 

This is the creator conundrum, or at least when it comes to me. If anyone else relates, I hope the takeaway is 'do it anyway' and be ready to be surprised when it matters to someone else too.