The Breakdown Revisits the Best of 2014


Last year, we decided to revisit our 2013 top ten lists to see how it held up, and if we still loved the same movies that we did then. It was a lot of fun or at least, it was for us. For anyone who has listened to show for a long time, knows that we have declared many times that opinions and feelings with movies can evolve over time. This time, we wanted to revisit our 2014 list, which was a year that we believed to be one of the great years for movies. On this revisit, we can reaffirm that it is one of the best years since we started podcasting.

This week, we look back at our original best of 2014 lists, and analyze where those movies stand with us now. We also create a new 2014 lists with movies that connect with us now. Obviously, some movies remain on the list, but there are some new movies to appear on the list that we now champion.

As always, it was a great time discussing 2014 movies, and we really hope you love the episode. If you do, then please help us out by spreading the word to other movie fans.

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Christopher's Top Ten: 

10. Two Days, One Night (used to be Blue Ruin)
9. The Babadook (used to be Gone Girl)
8. Like Father, Like Son (used to be Life Itself)
7. Selma (used to be Interstellar)
6. Boyhood (used to be Only Lovers Left Alive)
5. John Wick (used to be Like Father, Like Son)
4. Nightcrawler (used to be Under the Skin)
3. We Are the Best! (same)
2. The Grand Budapest Hotel (same)
1. Under the Skin (used to be Boyhood)

Scott's Top Ten: 

10. The Drop (used to be Edge of Tomorrow)   
9. Edge of Tomorrow (used to be Grand Budapest Hotel)  
8. A Most Wanted Man (used to be Guardian of the Galaxy) 
7. Gloria (used to be Virunga)  
6. The LEGO Movie (used to be Begin Again) 
5. John Wick (used to be Nightcrawler)   
4. The Babadook (used to be The LEGO Movie)   
3. Birdman (used to be A Most Wanted Man)    
2. Nightcrawler (used to be Boyhood)   
1. The grand Budapest Hotel (used to be Gloria)