The Spicer Halloween Sneak Peek


Yes, I am aware that Halloween is still two days away. I also realize that I am bound to post pictures of my kids all gussied up on the actual Halloween day too.

But I know that Danika has chosen about a hundred and fifty different characters to dress up as this Halloween. She also owns several costumes, because in this house, dressing up and make-belief is what we call a weekday. I can't shake the thought that there is a rather good chance that she will be dressing up as someone entirely different come Sunday.

I wanted you to be able to embrace the cuteness of Halloween for school costumes, just in case they aren't the same on actual Halloween.

And what did they choose for Friday?

If you love classic Disney animated movies, then you may be able to guess Danika is Mulan. If you like classic video games, then you may be able to decipher that Everett is Bowser.

What my lack of photography skills fails to properly show is the details. Danika has some 'real girl' make-up to enhance her Mulan look. She was pretty thrilled to be able to wear 'real' non-Halloween style make-up for the first time. She let me know how exciting this was for the entire walk to school. Little does she know, such pleasures will be kept to days like Halloween for as long as this crusty dad can pull it off. Which knowing her personality, probably won't be very long.

Emily did the make-up work, and it was great. She also did Danika's hair, which was aiming to be the Mulan hair bun without the aid of hair pins. I'd say it is an impressive job. I offered to try to do Danika's hair. but she reminded me that I am only used when it is an emergency like when mommy isn't available.

In my defense, I have done Danika's hair up in ponytails and pigtails, and I am happy to announce that about 50% of the time it lasts until the end of the school day. But I admit Emily masterfully made Danika look even cuter than usual.

If I can further brag about how awesome Emily is at almost everything, she made Everett's entire Bowser costume. Everett even declared this morning, 'Mom can make more than just cakes?' For those who have followed this site for years, you know tradition has been that Emily makes incredible cakes based off things that the kids love such as Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Frozen or Mulan.

I don't think my photography did a great job of showing Everett's make-up work or the 'spiked' collars and bracelet that Everett is wearing to capture the Bowser look. You can see that amazing spiked shell that Emily crafted last night, and Everett was pretty thrilled about it this morning.

Or at least Everett-style thrilled, where he nitpicked it in front of his mom, but then went on and on about how awesome his costume was after she left. Because that is how their relationship rolls.

Now, I still had a part in the Halloween creativity, but it was in the form of monstrous hot dogs that I assembled earlier in the week.

Speaking of my own form of creation, there may be a few howling at the moon, "Awoooo, I thought this was a movie blog?"

Why yes, I confess, this has not been rocking and rolling as promised or hoped or desired or advertised. While the personal touch will likely always be a part of this site, because the entire selling point of this site is my personal touch. But there is indeed going to be movie reviews in your future.

For now, revel in the cuteness of Danika's Mulan and Everett's Bowser.