I'm a Better Dad Than Him. . .

Are You Looking for Some Live Entertainment This Weekend?: Some Promoting and Bragging About My Son's Big Week


I'm well-aware that local promotion is challenged when the majority of my readers don't even live in the same country as I do. But maybe an American and German just happens to be in southern Ontario this week, and is also in mood for a delightful musical in Newsies Jr.

The production is being put on by Theatre Ancaster, which you likely won't be shocked to learn is in Ancaster, Ontario. You can purchase tickets for this show on their site, by following this link. 

One of the major selling point for buying tickets for loyal readers, besides supporting the arts, is a sometimes contributor and frequent subject on this site is performing in the show. My son, Everett, is part of the ensemble cast, and he has been practicing and working hard for this busy week since the beginning of September.

Musical theatre is Everett's life this week. He had 9 to 5 dress rehearsals on Saturday and Sunday this past weekend, and an evening rehearsal on Tuesday. From there, he is putting on matinee performances for schools on Wednesday and Thursday. Then it is the big production for the public on Friday through Sunday. In total, he will be putting on six live shows.

I am so proud of the dedication and work Everett has put into Newsies Jr for the last several months. It has been incredible seeing how he has improved and grown over that time. He has become quite passionate about it, and practices every day without anyone ever needing to ask him. He deeply cares about this show, and wants it to be the best possible.

I have gushed before how much I love that both my kids are so passionate about musical theatre. They also play the cello. Everett has been in NanoWriMo now for four years, Danika is constantly making artistic creations, and both allow their imagination to soar. The arts are crucial to enriching and defining a society and culture, and I am glad my kids actively embrace them.

The importance of the arts is not the only reason that I love that both Danika and Everett have been involved in musical theatre for the last year. After Covid-19 shaking up everyone's life in March of 2020, there has been a noticeable increase in emotional, social, and mental struggles for everyone including kids. It is important to encourage kids to get back into a social setting, and to push themselves with things like being in front of a crowd again and taking on things that are challenging and scary. Not every kid will be into musical theatre, but it is one way to really help some get out of their comfort zone and start engaging with more people than just their family.

Everett has told me several times that he has loved working in Newsies Jr. It has become a big part of his life, and this week is a mix of various emotions. He has told me that not only is this something he loves, but he wants to push myself where he can possibly land a lead role in the future. I am confident he can pull it off if he continues to be dedicated and work on his craft.

Danika has also made it clear that when she is old enough that she wants to be in Junior Broadway (this year she was in a program called Skill Builders, where they put on a smaller shows for families and friends), and already called dibs as being the star, I also wouldn't bet against that happening some day.

I am a beyond proud dad for both my kids. I love that they are creative and imaginative. I love how much they throw themselves into arts like music, storytelling and performing. This week is not only a huge one for Everett, but a big moment for our family too.

So, if you are free this weekend and in southern Ontario, then consider supporting Theatre Ancaster and enjoying what will be an amazing musical.

Just to tease you bit more, here is preview video of the show,

See if you can spot Everett! Psst. . . he is also in the above poster.