If You Have Some Extra Money. . .

2023 has been rough for my career.

This has not been something I've hidden on this site. It actually feels like the only thing I even write about on here.

I will get through this. and I'm remaining confident in the writing skills that I've honed and refined over 13 years of doing this professionally.

But unfortunately, some of the payments I was banking on this summer blew into the wind due to suddenly losing a contract I had signed with a company and another one paying much less than I'd assumed.

The search for more work continues, and I do have some lined up. Plus, the fall will be a glorious time for those that want exciting and new articles on this site, and other fun things to entertain like The Movie Breakdown. 2023 is going to end with dancing unicorns and Skittle downpours, or I'll explode into a gorgeous firework while trying.

Either way, it should be spectacular.

But things are really tight, and a little scary for me financially at the moment. I don't really have the work to make up for the challenges that a year of few jobs has brought upon me.

I'm going to do something that I am really uncomfortable about.

This is where I ask that if you've ever loved and enjoyed something on Beyond the Balcony and The Movie Breakdown, and you really want to see fresh new creations on here then it would be an unbelievable help if you considered sending some money over to my Paypal.me account.

My long-term plan is to monetize this site in some form while also still offering a significant amount of free content. It would be huge if some magnificent angel could bail me out financially during this rough patch. 

If not. . . well, I'll figure something out. I always do. I still have my beautiful family and the support of amazing friends. If you have some extra money and you've loved my work, this is a chance to show your appreciation. You can request me to review a specific movie or write about a certain topic along with your donation. It would allow me to focus on some more engaging pieces for this site.

No obligation. I don't expect most to be in a spot to help. This is one of those moments I have decided to be painfully vulnerable and see what happens. I promise much more fun material is coming in the future.