Why 2023 is An Awesome Year


Have I told you that 2023 has been a really hard year for me? Oh. I have. Many times

Okay. Then in a twist, time to look at why 2023 has been a great year. Hopefully, those wrestling with declaring it such a thing get some inspiration and positivity from this list as well.

1. Friends and family have stepped up to prove their love. Despite being stuck in a career-low, I have had many loving and caring people come with encouragement and support. An even extra generous person sent me some money with what I interpreted as no strings attached outside of my deep gratitude. People are awesome.

2. My kids continue to bring inspiration, joy, and love. I love seeing my kids succeed. I love seeing the amazing people they are growing up to be. I love seeing their creativity and imagination. Their success in musical theatre, cello, and school is a constant inspiration for me to push for my dreams.

3. A commitment to repairing broken relationships. My faltering mental and emotional health means some important relationships have suffered. I have committed to improving and making them flourish. The other side has done the same. Hope is a wonderful thing.

4. A wonderful and loving mother-in-law took us on a trip that we wouldn't be able to afford. 

5. Glimmers of a career on the rise. So much rejection. So many non-responses. Editors that seem to have chilled on their connections to my writing. But not always. There has been positive feedback. There has been some work. If I keep pushing on and striving to improve, then my career will shine.

6. Some crucial life lessons. 2023 is the year I've learned several things, and I am ready to change some bad habits and try new things to reconnect with my family. The dark moments can lead to the brightest. I am hoping to continue to be open-minded, and use this time to refine myself.

7. Popcorn still exists. And so the world is still a worthy place.