'Moana 2' Teaser Promises Return of a Favourite Adventuring Duo and Sequel to a Modern Disney Classic

I love the original Moana. It is also a movie that my enjoyment for it has grown stronger over the years. Danika has found many ways to get me to return to the movie, and on each rewatching, I've realized it was much better than my initial praise, and I should have.put it on my top ten list for 2016.

There are many reasons to love the original including the catchy musical numbers, assortment of fun supporting characters, and the sweeping sense of adventure provided in the story. Moana is also a princess that I'm proud to have my daughter emulate and pretend to be. She is assertive, strong-willed, adventurous, brave, and independent, and those aren't attributes you can easily say exist in every Disney princess. But she is also kind, compassionate and friendly, and she has to overcome challenges and self-doubt to eventually save her tribe.

While I often prefer original stories over yet another sequel, I'm thrilled to have another adventure with the powerful Polynesian Princess,

This is the definition of a teaser as it doesn't give us much of an idea of the plot or even any big moments to expect. The best I can guess is that Moana once again is venturing deep into the ocean to save her tribe, and there seem to be some hints about trying to reconnect with her ancestors. It is very similar to the original movie's premise, but the actual journey could take the story in some fun directions.

It also reveals a return of most fan favourites. Maui obviously needed to return, and I look forward to the chemistry and fun interactions between The Rock and Auli'l Cravalho. It will be a blast to see more of the Alan Tudyk voiced (clucked?) Hei Hei, and it looks like the adorable Pua the pig gets a bit more screen time joining the adventure. The Kakamora, the tribe of evil coconuts, also makes an appearance, and my guess is it will be another fun scene or two rather than them being the main villains. My hope is a certain singing giant crab finds his way back for a scene too.

There isn't much to judge based on the short trailer other than the music makes it feel epic and the few clips show more gorgeous animation. This feels like a big-scale animated adventure and is worthy of our excitement to see it at the end of the year. I wasn't even aware we were this close to another Moana, so this is a fun surprise 2024 treat. 

This is now the year where I get animated sequels to two of my favourite movies since I started podcasting as Inside Out 2 comes out next month. I'm looking forward to seeing Moana 2, and I plan to have my own adventurous princess come along for the fun.