Take the Problems in My Own Hands

Probably not destined to encounter any benevolent guardian angel to pull me out of my current emotional, mental, physical, relational, and financial slump.

I need to ignore my cratered confidence, crumbled self-worth, and mounting anxiety, so I can take control this week.

Make a real fighting effort to prove I will resolve my challenges on my own and have a steady career to nourish all that is ailing me.

I have a little client work, and if I can really excel it will hopefully lead to much more and get the gears rolling with a successful summer. 

I hope to land more clients, but right now I need to just prove my excellence to my current crop.

If the steady steps towards positivity is achieved then my hope is my energy and inspiration will thrive to create much better entertainment and insights on this site and the podcast.

I'm struggling. At times, I feel I just need a miracle. 

I'll probably need to create it on my own.