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Extra! Extra! Everett is Not the Only One Embracing the Arts this Past Weekend: Speciality Cakes Move Beyond Just Birthdays


If you've been visiting the site at all for the last week, then you know Everett has been throwing his heart and soul into the Theatre Ancaster production of Newsies Jr. As a very proud dad who went to see the Saturday's afternoon show, I can declare that he did an amazing job, but I may be a bit biased.

All the cast and crew did an incredible job in making a show that was professional and well-worth the ticket price. I know this was an unforgettable experience for Everett, and it was amazing watching how he developed and improved over the last several months of practice and preparation.

Emily was equally proud of our son, and so, she decided to get creative, and delve into an activity that until now was reserved for birthdays. She crafted one of her specialty cakes that Everett was able to take to the Newsies Jr. party where all the cast and crew celebrated their five show run.

Everyone seemed to be surprised but also very appreciative for the unexpected cakes. They were amazing this weekend, and they deserved it.

Emily also deserves some recognition, because as always, she is a cake magician.

Oh, I also want to add that the bouquet of flowers were a kind gift from two different people who attended the shows. One was from Everett's teacher last year, and another was from a fellow cello student.

I also want to thank all the awesome friends, family, and even readers that made the effort to come support Everett and the arts. I am very appreciative, and it is nice to be reminded how much you all rock.