The Breakdown of the State of the Podcast and a Slight Change to Movie Reviewing Plans

You didn't get the recently recorded episode today due to the tech gods frowning down upon us. Or more, I did not quite manage new software very well. The plan is to have a make-up episode posted on Friday, but I'm also well aware that not all my readers intersect with The Movie Breakdown listeners. I decided to record a very short episode detailing the results of the Summer Box Office Challenge. It is mostly me saying what I already wrote, but I add in a few extra things.

I apologize for what has not been a banner year for the podcast and site. I commit once again to ending 2023 in the most rocking fashion possible. 

If you like hearing me get brutally honest, I detail how rough this year has been for my career. I also thank some unnamed saints who have been great friends and support this summer as I try to navigate current career challenges.

Speaking of these challenges, it led to cancelling my subscription, which has been the phenomenal software and service that has allowed us to record the podcast for the last few years. I only quit due to finances, and my hope is a quick career turnaround will mean I activate it again in the coming months.

The financial situation also means that one of the vows for a regular feature on this site will need to be altered. I had thought I had some stored funds to allow me to review at least one theatrical movie a week, but that seems to be pixie dust that quickly blew away. I can't at the moment justify reviewing too many theatrical releases, which means that will be very limited for the next several months.

But I still plan to review movies. I will pivot to streaming and older movies. You can still expect a lot of reviews in the coming months. I plan to provide lots of insights entertainment, and value. The lack of new theatrical movies also means I'll just need to write other things as well to appeal to my readers and hopefully grow an audience.

I really do want to thank all my readers for their awesome support, and a huge shout-out to a few angels who provided some help in the past few months, You are all pillars of awesomeness.

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