A Giant Happy Birthday to the Most Amazing Wife & Mom

It is once again the birthday of the most amazing, beautiful, intelligent wife and mother in all the lands -- Emily. A year ago, I crafted a poem to express my love and admiration. I won't be doing it this year. If you want to avoid mush and sap overload then I recommend you hit that link and relive it again. I endorse it as a combination of fun, silliness, sincerity, and humour. But I would. I wrote it.

Instead, this year I want to publicly thank Emily for the incredible hard work and love she infuses into our family every single day of her life. Everett has some big auditions coming up this week, and she without hesitation has spent every night pushing and encouraging him while shaping him into a stronger singer and performer. 

It isn't just Everett and it isn't just this week. Emily throws herself into our family continually. You've seen the cakes, right? I am sure many parents have confused them for store-bought because they are expertly constructed. The same dedication goes into Hallowed costumes, kids' cello, academics, vacation planning, and all the other things that hop into our family's life.

She strives to make me and the kids better, and her love permeates with how many hours are spent aiding us in many endeavours and lighting up our little family to shine. It is even things like scouring the internet to find unique activities to be transformed into our next adventure. Adventure can describe living with Emily, and it has been a thrilling and grand one.

The Emily magic isn't just experienced by our family. She also has a deep compassion and love for others. She has many friends, colleagues and acquaintances who have opened up to her and leaned on her for support. Often she is informed they don't normally reveal such things to someone, but Emily has the charm that makes others vulnerable and trust her. As a teacher, she has inspired and motivated so many students who have thanked her for her devotion, commitment, and kindness. I suspect Emily has positively touched more lives both with students and others than we'll ever know. 

Emily amazes us every day, and our family is blessed with all her magical traits and passion.

We love you, and Happy Birthday, Emily!