I Forgot a Great 2023 Accomplishment


Yesterday, I channelled positivity by exploring the good things that have happened in 2023. But while all of them were indeed good and shaped a happier picture of the year, I missed a really significant one. I forgot to herald my return to the stage this year. And the even bigger triumph of pushing myself to audition for a musical. Just taking the giant leap from my comfort zone is a victory and enough to make it a win for 2023.

But. . . 

I actually landed a few parts in three different musicals! I'll not only be acting on a stage but now words will be blurted out of my mouth in the form of song. I hope they might even be pleasant. At least, the directors feel they have the potential to be.

We ended up deciding as a family that three musicals are a lot, so we will only be taking on two of them. As much as musical theatre is magical and family-uniting, it is nice to have other hobbies and activities too, so two musicals for the next several months seems good. 

And actually, it is only two musicals for Emily and myself, because Everett has Junior Broadway with a production of The Pirates of Penzance and Danika is doing a musical with her Skill Builders program -- both at the wonderful Theatre Ancaster.

This new endeavour is a definite major win for 2023, and I am so glad to be back on the stage and embracing performing. I will keep you up to date on that journey.

What new things have you tried in 2023?