The Breakdown of Where Have We Been?


We may not have quite rocked that fresh start, eh?

I blame some of that on getting my gut cut open and not being able to get out of bed for a few days, but I've been moving around for over a week now, and I should have at least been able to record a podcast, right?

Well, we actually recorded a podcast before my surgery, but it has been bouncing around in the vault waiting to be released. Unfortunately, being forced to use free recording software at the moment means the most recent episode needed far more editing and sweetening than usual to make it worthy of uploading.

Simply put, the ongoing theme of 2023 being painful, challenging, and hard has continued to this past month as I try to repair my career, emotions, and relationships. This has meant the site and podcast have not gotten the attention that my readers and listeners deserve.

I apologize.

I recorded a quick episode to make that apology and explain the reason for the delays and some plans for the future.

As always, I really do appreciate the support for The Movie Breakdown and Beyond the Balcony. I am dedicated to creating more entertainment and proving that the best is yet to come. Thank you for your patience.

For now, here is a very short state-of-address mini-episode.

Listen to "The Breakdown of Where We Have Been" on Spreaker.