Rev Up the Engines



There is something ridiculous about me using any metaphor involving cars considering I don't drive. But I've used up all the good titles in the past with promises of the site racing on the track toward daily posts.

Well... the promise has to be more than just daily posts because I have pulled that off this year. It isn't an output that will grow my audience, satisfy my current readers, or put me in the running for coveted blogger awards. Most of my 2024 posts have been an exercise in appeasing the swirling notion that something new needs to be on this site every day. I freak out over missing days despite readers likely not noticing, and the better goal may be to deliver high-quality creations.

The reasons for the delay have been trying to snag some control in my life as I manage new client work, write a short story, and attempt to be a golden member of my family. I've also recognized that the feeling of such control may not be strutting into my life anytime soon, and if my dream is to actually grow Beyond the Balcony and The Movie Breakdown into major parts of my writing career then I have to turn the key and get that motor running.

This upcoming week may not be raining skittle, luring dancing bears, and populated with rainbow unicorns when it comes to my posts, but it seems to be the right time to get my mindset back into attempting to create high-quality and substantial posts that reflect my vision for the site.

You should expect the return of movie reviews, honest reflections, pop culture musings, creative writing insights, and if the mood strikes some oddball creativity

I'm not promising all that this week but rather it will be a slow trickle towards filling up my vision for the site as I try to manage all aspects of my life and career. The podcast must return and I'm committed to reviews of new releases, but I don't want to officially declare a relaunch, because that never goes well. 

Rather I admit that my battles with self-worth and my insecurities over my writing skills are derailing the site from regular movie reviews and analysis along with my attempts to get a handle on client work. This is my meagre commitment to getting Beyond the Balcony back to the type of site I've been promising and promoting. With the caveat I do have some pressing client work and I am trapped in an emotional cyclone as I try to achieve balance in my life. I also know the swirling continues forever until I hammer down some stakes.

I pulled the hammer and stake out of my satchel, and now just looking for some ground. 

If you do love it when I write reviews or analyze pop culture news or share personal anecdotes or any other forms of my writing then you can ensure I focus more on the site if you generously consider donating a bit of money my way. Obviously, only do it if you love what the site has been and you're a fan of my writing and podcasts, and it is something you can easily afford because you have a Scrooge McDuck vault in your backyard.

As always, I am so grateful for your support. I apologize the site has been filled with very small posts this year, but I hope brought some value to your life. If you have stuck with me through all the years then I am very grateful and humbled. I still aim to make 2024 the best year yet for Beyond the Balcony and The Movie Breakdown.